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NCJJFA Cheer is very excited about our cheer camp experience this season! We are having our own camp, run by our coaches, that focuses on our cheers, chants, stunting, jumps, and our all-program dance routine. 


Camp Features

  • Curriculum targeted to grades 1 - 8.  Keeps participants engaged and attentive!

  • Cheer Basics - Learn and review proper motion technique

  • Safety! – Stunting and Cheer safety

  • Classes start with the basics and progress at the campers pace

  • Dance Moves and Motions – Taught to girls as side line dances for our new season.

  • Material Review Plenty of time to learn and practice new material

  • Individual Camper Awards

  • Lots of FUN activities

  • A chance to really get ahead for our new 2019 season with NCJJF CHEER, specific cheers, chants and dances.

  • Required for any cheerleaders who intend to try out for the competition squad in September.

Camp Details


Who: All grades and  ages

When: Aug 1st-5th

Where: TBD

Cost: $90 at regular season registration 

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