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North Creek Junior Jaguars Football Association (NCJJFA) provides a wholesome, healthy activity for children using the football field as a classroom to instill discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. To be eligible to play, your child must be of the proper GEJFA age/weight, and must live within the North Creek High School boundary.


The Club is run by a Board of Directors, which is staffed entirely by volunteers. (We are always looking for more volunteers). We are guided by a set of documented League Rules (GEJFA), which you can find in the GEJFA Rules section along with other important documents. Safety is our top priority and you will find several safety documents along with many suggested tips to help young athletes get the most of their experience on the ball field.

There are different levels made up of teams which are comprised of players age 8 to 14. The level in which they are assigned is determined by both the player’s weight plus their age points (click “Age Weight Chart” section in GEJFA website).


The season begins in the beginning of August, with the regular season running to late October and playoffs/championships for those teams that qualify in November.  The first 3 weeks of practice prior to school start are 5 days per week, Monday thru Friday. Once school begins practices are reduced to 3 days per week with games being played on Saturday. Games are played at local playing fields (with North Creek High School being our Home Field) and teams are coached by volunteers (please let us know if you our someone you know is interested in being a coach or a referee). As a measure of security we do conduct annual background checks against any person that volunteers so that we know our children are in safe hands.


The game schedule for the club will be available in late August and located in the Calendar section. Please check with your coaches for your team’s practice and game schedules as these are subject to change per level and team.


For more information about the Football program, visit the Football FAQ.


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