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Who can participate in NCJJF Cheer? 

Boys and Girls who are in grade 1st thru 8th. 

What will it cost to participate in NCJJF Cheer? 

Registration cost is $300. There is also an expectation that all cheer families will participate in our yearly fundraising events. The money raised at these events covers additional costs for uniforms, practice facilities, team building, awards (game-day and end of season), and events. 

When does the season start and how long is it? 

Important Season Dates as Follows...

  • June 5th - 1st Uniform Fitting (for returners) & Parent Info Meeting

  • June 17th - 2024 Season Registration Closes

  • June 19th - 2nd Mandatory Uniform Fitting (for anyone who is not assigned a uniform at the 1st fitting)

  • August 5th - Summer Cheer Practices Start (Monday through Thursday; 1st Week 5-8pm, Remaining Summer Practices 6-8pm)

  • End of August - Football & Cheer Jamboree (Date & Times TBD) This is the first time our squads will wear their uniforms, perform the all program half-time dance, and cheer during the scrimmages. 

  • September - First Football Game (Date & Times TBD) - All Saturdays from September through mid November need to be reserved for games. Game times are subject to change up until game time. Playoff games are typically held the first part of November. 

  • September through November - Regular Season Practice, Mondays & Tuesdays, 6-8pm, Location TBD.

How many practices can my child miss during the season?

Each cheerleader is given TWO free passes for the season. They may miss practice twice during the entire season for any reason. This includes school, family, and social obligations. Plan wisely! Anything beyond these 2 passes will result in game day consequenses for the cheerleader. 

For each missed practice, the cheerleader will sit out of the next game for a quarter (example: 2 missed practices equals 2 game quarters sitting on the sideline).

What squad will my child be on? 

We will have a better idea when registration closes as this is determined by the amount of registrations. We do our best to keep similar age and grade groups together. 

Example if we end up with 30 registrants, we may for three squads broken down by grade: 

  • 10 cheerleaders - Silver Squad (1st thru 3rd grade)

  • 10 cheerleaders - Purple Squad (4th & 5th grade)

  • 10 cheerleaders - Varsity Squad (6th thru 8th grade)

Do you have competition cheer? 

Absolutely! This is a great way for a sideline cheerleaders to not only perfect their sideline skills, but develop even more skills necessary if they choose to tryout for high school cheer once eligible. A competition cheerleader will work even harder, as we advance further into dance and stunting. Typically tryouts are held for this level of cheer and the child must be in 3rd grade or higher. There have been exceptions made to this in the past, additional details will come out during our sideline season. 


Any cheerleader wanting to participate in competition cheer MUST participate in sideline!

Additional registration costs apply!  

Who can I contact with additional questions? 

Please contact our North Creek Junior Jaguars Cheer Director, Rebecca Wagner by sending an email to: or by completing the inquiry form below. 

Success! Message received.

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