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Team Pledge

As part of the North Creek Junior Jaguars Cheer program, we always…

RESPECT our coaches and directors! They are all volunteers and appreciate when they are treated with respect.  This includes communicating with coaches and directors, and also respecting their time.


Are ready to go every practice/game with the right clothes, hair pulled up, cheer bag packed, water & practice items.  We are teaching the cheerleaders RESPONSIBILITY and they need to be accountable. (e.g. Hair should always be pulled up in a high ponytail at all practices & games.  If you have short or shoulder length hair, you can put it half-up.)


Work as a TEAM, which takes hard WORK & COOPERATION. This hard work results in achieving our goals as a team and individually.


COMMUNICATE with your squad members, coaches, directors, and parents. This is key to your success on a cheer squad.  Learning to speak up and talk through conflict is a lifelong skill for everyone and something we continually work on.


Are ACTIVE LISTENERS and accept help when given.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice from any coach, squad member, or director.


Learn sideline cheers, perform in front of a crowd, stunt with your team and most of all make great friendships.  WE HAVE FUN!

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying of any sort.  If a cheerleader is found to be bullying, the cheerleader will not be allowed to return to our program for the remainder of the season and will receive no refunds.


Cheerleaders or parents of cheerleaders using social media in a negative way towards anyone on our squads, our coaches, our directors, or North Creek Junior Jaguars Football and Cheer in general will be asked to leave and a meeting with parents will take place.  They will not attend practices or games until the situation has been resolved.

Attendance Policy


Attendance is vital to the success of our team and program! Cheer is a TEAM sport and when we have an absence, it affects the WHOLE team.  The following attendance policy will be STRONGLY enforced by each coach.


  • Cheerleader must attend 10 full practices to be able to participate in their first NCJJF game.  Cheerleader will need to come to the game even if unable to participate.

  • Each cheerleader is given TWO free passes for the season.  She may miss practice twice during the entire season for whatever reason they want.  This includes school, family, and social obligations.  Plan wisely!  Anything beyond these 2 passes, the cheerleader will receive a game day consequence.

  • For each missed practice, the cheerleader will sit out of the next game for 1 quarter (example: 2 quarters sitting if 2 practices are missed).

  • Tardy:  Issued if the cheerleader is late to practices or show-up time for games.  Consistent Tardies (Three) will result in a game day consequence (sitting out of the next game for 1 quarter).

  • It is mandatory a cheerleader/parent notify your coach if you will not be at practice or the game as we plan practices around our full team. IF YOU’RE SICK DO NOT COME TO PRACTICE!!!


General Practice & Game Day Rules


  • No cell phones out at practices or games.

  • Arrive 45 minutes prior to game (unless differently told by coach) fully dressed and ready to walk onto the field.

  • Mark your name on all cheer items & keep everything in your bag.

  • No jewelry of any kind.  

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items so keep track of your own belongings.  We do not have extras of our uniform pieces so take good care of them!

  • Foul language, disrespect toward anyone, and negative attitudes will not be tolerated and parents will be called to pick up the cheerleader.

  • Always warm-up.  We have group warm-ups before all activities.  If you are late, you still must warm-up.  We do this to avoid injuries.  Maintain physical fitness & a healthy diet.

  • All cheer items must be in your bag for all games just in case weather changes.  If you are missing a uniform item that your coach asks the squad to wear and you don’t have it, you will sit out.

  • Remain with your squad during all times at games (including halftime).

  • Perform only approved stunts.  We ask that our cheerleaders only stunt under NCJJF cheer coach’s supervision at practices and games.

  • Report all injuries at practices or away from practice to your coach.

  • Parents – please do not interrupt your cheerleader’s coach during practices or games unless it is an emergency.  Please don’t talk to your cheerleader over the fence at games.


Refund Policy


North Creek Cheer, a division of NCJJFA, is a non-profit organization, and as such relies on registration fees for various expenses related to the upcoming season, such as practice rentals, uniforms,  and other items.  Most of these expenses are incurred in June, before the season begins.  While we hope your child(ren) will continue to participate in the season, should a refund be needed, the following refund policy applies.


Eligibility & Amount

  • Requests for refunds prior to June 12th will be at 100% of the registration fee paid less a $25 administrative fee.

  • Due to the majority of the costs associated with cheer being related to the uniforms/gear, no refunds will be granted after June 12th, which is when uniforms and gear must be ordered and paid for by clubs.


Refund Request Process

In order to receive a refund a request must be submitted in writing via email to the Cheer Director.  The date of the email requesting the refund will dictate the eligibility and amount of refund based on the information outlined above.  The email should include the following:

  1.        Name(s) of cheerleader

  2.        Parent or Guardian the refund check should be submitted to

  3.        Address and phone number contact information

  4.        Reason for the refund request


Once the request is received and reviewed against this policy, the Cheer Director will work with the Treasure to process a refund check, if appropriate.  A member of the Cheer Board will respond to your refund request within 14 calendar days.

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