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Who can play Junior Jaguars (NCJJFA) Tackle Football?

To be eligible to play in the 2023 season (without an age waiver), a player must weigh at least 60 pounds and have been born on or before July 31, 2012, but not before August 1, 2005 and live within the North Creek High School boundary.  With Club approval and parental waiver, a 7-year-old who weighs at least 60 pounds may play. No experience is necessary. Both boys and girls are welcome.


What will it cost to play Junior Jaguars Football?

Registration fees for the 2024 season are $425.  

NCJJFA offers options for payment at the time of registration:

  • Payment in full at the time of registration

  • $50 down payment at the time of registration, ½ remaining balance paid July 1 & remaining balance paid August 1. 

Fully paid registration is required before a player will be issued equipment or placed on a team.  

NCJJFA is able to provide a limited number of scholarships to players in need. If you need a scholarship, please request the scholarship during online registration.

*Please note: Scholarship Applications need to be submitted and approved in order to secure a roster position on a team this year.

What does the Football registration fee include?

NCJJFA provides the primary equipment necessary to participate in football.  This includes: helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, practice and game pants, game day socks, practice jersey and home/away game jerseys.  This equipment must be returned in good condition at the end of the season.  Football cleats, practice socks and girdles are not provided.  Your registration fee also helps to cover some of the expenses required to run a successful program.  This includes such items as practice and game field rental fees, officials, insurance, coaching equipment and training, safety education, and player development. NCJJFA must also rely on your assistance through volunteerism and fundraising to cover all costs associated with the program.


When does the season start and how long is it?

Our season starts in August and runs thru mid-November.  In general, the teams practice 5 days a week for the first 3 weeks, and then drop-down to 3 weekdays a week with a game on Saturday after Labor Day.  Every team plays a minimum of 9 total games, and may play additional games in the playoffs.  The 2024 GEJFA Championship games are TBA. 


Where and when are practices?

Practices are held at various fields within the City of Bothell.  We primarily practice at North Creek High School, Skyview Middle School and North Creek Sports Fields .  All practices are a maximum of 2 hours long, between the hours of 5:30 and 9:00 PM.  For the first 3 weeks (prior to school starting) practices are Monday thru Friday. Once school is underway in the Northshore School District, practices are reduced to 3 days per week with games on Saturdays.  We work diligently to keep practices on consistent schedules, but there may be times where that schedule can change due to field availability.  


What team will my child be on?

NCJJFA fields teams at 5 division levels; Rookie, Cub, Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The playing level is determined by an age/weight point system. You can use the age/weight chart on the GEJFA website ( to determine the level at which your child will play or you can contact NCJJFA.

Teams are formed each new season and organized by grouping players according to their level and home elementary school boundary to the greatest extent possible, with some balancing to ensure optimal team size.  We do not take “buddy” or “coach” requests when building out rosters but you will very likely have players from your school and surrounding neighborhoods on your team.

Please note that NCJJFA has a split policy that is strictly followed per our league’s (Greater Eastside Junior Football Association, mandate.  Unlike some other youth sports organizations, NCJJFA cannot consider requests for players to be placed on a certain team or requests for certain coaches.

The amount of players registering each season, including late registrants, is the main factor that determines the team formation for each level.  Another element considered is when either players are added to or subtracted from a team because they had to move up or down a level, with regards to their age & weight classification.  If the number of registrations allows for at least two teams per level, the team make up will also be adjusted accordingly.  Therefore, players may or may not stay with the same team each season (e.g., a Purple player one season may be on the Silver or Green team the subsequent year). Ultimately, it is up to NCJJFA’s discretion to balance the teams for each level in cases where there are inequities in numbers (of players per team). 

Remember that registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  One factor in deciding team assignment is time of registration, so it is important to register as soon as possible if you want the best chance of your child being placed on a team with his or her classmates.   When teams are full, registration for that team level will be closed so don't delay registering your child and submit all the necessary forms to secure a roster spot on a team. 

What are my obligations as a parent to the Club?

NCJJFA is a 100% volunteer organization and also relies on fundraising throughout the season.  Parent participation is mandatory to sustain the organization.  NCJJFA has many volunteer opportunities each year ranging from being a Board Member to fund raising, to being a coach, a team parent, team videographer, team equipment manager, running the score board / clock or down markers at games.  We do realize that in some cases parents might not want to be involved in fundraising.  There is a $150 buyout option. 

What is the refund policy?

Should a registered football player decide not to play and notify (in writing) the NCJJFA Registrar before the date of the first equipment handout, the entire registration fee will be refunded less a $25 administrative fee.  

Refund requests received on or after the date of the first equipment handout, but before the Tuesday before the first scheduled league game will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued for requests received on or after the Tuesday before the first scheduled league game. Refunds are contingent on the return of all NCJJFA issued equipment in good working condition.  All refund requests must be in writing, either via email or US mail and are considered received based on the date of the email or the postmark date.  


Refund requests for players insured while practicing or playing in a NCJJFA scheduled event and/or for players removed from team rosters for disciplinary reasons or for missing practices shall follow the same process and are subject to the same refund restrictions outlined above.

Does my child need a physical exam?

NCJJFA & GEJFA do not mandate an annual physical exam for athletes to participate.  We do request, for the safety of your athlete, that parents/guardians disclose any medical conditions or allergies so that we can further keep players safe and have awareness. 

How many practices must my child attend before being allowed to play in a game?

Attendance will be taken at practices (jamborees included) and games.  Players are not eligible to play in a regular season game until they have participated in 14 practices (jamborees included).  Playing time in games may be diminished for those players that fail to attend practice - regardless of the reasons or excuses given.  If a student athlete incurs more than (4) absences (absences due to something other than serious illness, injury or mandatory school function) at any point during the season, he/she will be dismissed from the team and NCJJFA without refund.

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